Textbook for the course „Intelligent Manufacturing Systems“ has been published

March 10, 2022

A textbook entitled „Intelligent manufacturing systems with theory and application in robotics and artificial intelligence“, published by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, was presented to the scientific and educational society in 2021. The textbook written by the MISSION4.0 project members, Full Prof. Dr. Zoran Miljković and Associate Prof. Dr. Milica Petrović, resulted from decades-long scientific research work in the field of development of intelligent manufacturing systems and the educational process of numerous students in courses at the M.Sc. degree program – Mechanical Engineering (Production Engineering Department) and M.Sc. degree program – Industry 4.0. The topics covered in the textbook are up-to-date and include advanced production-oriented technologies, robotics, and artificial intelligence, as well as biologically inspired optimization algorithms. Furthermore, representative examples with discussions in the aforementioned fields are given with the intention of helping readers to master the material and make it easier to understand. The authors sincerely hope that the textbook, besides students, will be useful to everyone involved in designing and implementing the Industry 4.0 concepts.