MISSION4.0 project was a part of the science-popular event called Science Picnic

June 8, 2022

MISSION4.0 project team members participated in the Science Picnic held on the 4th and 5th of June at Ada Ciganlija. The Science Picnic is an event organized by the Science Festival, which aims to show children of all ages the exciting and beautiful side of science. The stand of MISSION4.0 project was one of the seventeen exhibition stands that the visitors of this scientific manifestation could explore. Our originally developed prototypes of intelligent mobile robots – RAICO and DOMINO, were presented in an interesting way, especially accessible to families with children. This included getting acquainted with the basic elements of a robot, showing some of the robot's capabilities by utilizing artificial intelligence techniques, and presenting video clips of the project. All visitors had the opportunity to learn how intelligent mobile robots are able to localize themselves within the laboratory model of the manufacturing environment and how they can detect several different objects simultaneously without our help. In addition, for the sake of experience, the youngest could try to control the DOMINO and also had an opportunity to see in what way our intelligent mobile robots differ from each other when the same task is given to them.