MISSION4.0 team members were participants of India-Serbia workshop

June 17, 2022

Members of our team Associate Professor Dr. Milica Petrović and Dušan Nedeljković presented the results of the research carried out within the MISSION4.0 project at the workshop called “India-Serbia workshop on selected topics of artificial intelligence and information technology techniques and applications”. The workshop was held from June 13-15 in the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, where more than 20 lectures were introduced.

As part of the first session “Artificial Intelligence”, Professor Petrović gave a lecture on “Deep learning and optimization of intelligent manufacturing systems within Industry 4.0”, which covers two main topics. The first topic describes the development of a reliable, efficient, and optimally scheduled material transport system based on a mobile robot, whereas the second topic covers a semantic segmentation-based mobile robot perception system based on deep learning. In the third section called “Information security”, Dušan Nedeljković held a lecture on “Machine learning based detection of cyber- attacks in systems for manufacturing resources control”. In this lecture, the main security issues in Industrial Control Systems were discussed. Additionally, a method for cyber-attack detection on Industrial Control Systems based on machine and deep learning is presented.