MISSION4.0 team members participated at the conference organized by Fanuc Serbia, Axiom Tech and 3D Republic

May 18, 2021

Members of the MISSION4.0 project team attended the conference titled "Industry 4.0," held on 13th May, 2021 at the IN Hotel. More than 40 participants, mostly from the industrial and private sectors, participated at this event organized by Fanuc Serbia, Axiom Tech, and 3D Republic.

The expert in the field of robotics, Mr Robert Klačak, was a Fanuc representative. The focus of his lecture was on the innovative software solutions related to networking, monitoring, and management of cyber-physical systems in real-time within the manufacturing sector. He pointed out that intelligent analysis of sensor data from machine tools, robots, smart sensors, or actuators allows to increase companies' degree of autonomy and strives to do business promoted by Industry 4.0.

Rare Svetozar Kolesar, the representative of the 3D Republic, presented the mission and vision of his company, which included the implementation of additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing of metal parts to improve the research and development phase within modern manufacturing systems.

Ivan Milentijević, the managing director of the Axiom Tech company, presented possibilities and advantages of implementing digitalization of production companies from Serbia to integrate PLM software oriented towards Industry 4.0.

This event was a good occasion for members of the MISSION4.0 project team to meet and acquaint their colleagues with research directions and possibilities of applying already developed solutions based on artificial intelligence in the manufacturing systems of Industry 4.0.