Successful employment of data-driven solutions, particularly based on deep learning approaches usually requires a big amount of data. However, due to various limitations in the acquisition of data from the real process, its availability is
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The two most well-known and widespread machine learning paradigms are unsupervised and supervised learning. However, in the last three decades, another paradigm of machine learning called reinforcement learning has attracted significant attention in the research
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Industrial Control System (ICS) represents a common term that relates to different types of control systems which usually include the devices, systems, and networks used to operate and/or automate industrial processes. Today, ICSs are fully
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Manufacturing environments are inherently unstructured and unexpected changes can significantly reduce efficiency and increase overall manufacturing time. Thereupon, the ability of manufacturing entities, such as mobile robots, to adapt to these changes and stochastic processes
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Throughout the years, mobile robotic systems have shown time and time again their irreplaceable role in modern society. Firstly, they were only utilized for research purposes and employed within manufacturing or storage environments. However, nowadays,
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Semantic segmentation represents the process of labeling every pixel in the image with the pixel's class. Therefore, the image is no longer defined with RGB values but with the semantic map when the semantic segmentation
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MISSION4.0 team members presented papers at IcETRAN 2022 and ICNT-2022 conference

June 28, 2022

In early June, MISSION4.0 project team members participated in the 8th international conference IcETRAN 2022, which was held at Novi Pazar. As part of the „Robotics and flexible automation 1“ session, Associate Prof. Dr. Nikola Slavković, Associate Prof. Dr. Milica Petrović and Teach. Asst. Dušan Nedeljković presented three research papers to the audience at the […]

Textbook for the course „Intelligent Manufacturing Systems“ has been published

March 10, 2022

A textbook entitled „Intelligent manufacturing systems with theory and application in robotics and artificial intelligence“, published by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, was presented to the scientific and educational society in 2021. The textbook written by the MISSION4.0 project members, Full Prof. Dr. Zoran Miljković and Associate Prof. Dr. Milica Petrović, […]

Prof. Dr. Zoran Miljković received the Plaque at the celebration of the Faculty Day

October 31, 2021

"The future of mechanical engineering is no longer based on design and production of flywheels and rotors; it is based on the artificial intelligence, whose ultimate consequences on humanity, I am not able to see. Previous means that sociology and ethics will be necessary for students' future education because we are entering the dimensions of […]

Prof. Dr. Zoran Miljković was a guest on the Morning TV show

October 8, 2021

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is the first state institution in the Republic of Serbia to launch a program for supporting scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence. MISSION4.0 is one of the 12 financially supported projects led by a Full Prof. Dr. Zoran Miljković, who was a guest on the […]

Project MISSION4.0 in the TV show „Science on the Move“ on RTS2

October 16, 2020

We live in a time of new technologies, and a time of rapid technological change. Somehow it seems that it is no longer possible to say, with certainty, what products will look like in the near future, or how they will be manufactured. We are also witnessing changes in people’s habits, their view of the […]

Exibition dedicated to projects in the field of artificial intelligence

October 13, 2020

An exhibition organized by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia and the Center for the Promotion of Science, dedicated to projects in the field of artificial intelligence, was opened in Belgrade at the Belgrade fortress, on October 9. The exhibition itself presents a view of science from a completely different angle because the […]

MISSION4.0 team members presented papers at JUPITER and IcETRAN 2020 conference

October 8, 2020

Members of the MISSION4.0 project team were participants of the 42nd JUPITER conference and the 7th international conference IcETRAN 2020, which were also the first scientific gatherings held after a long time while respecting all epidemiological measures. The conferences aimed to summarize the most significant research results in the fields of production engineering and electrical […]

Project MISSION4.0 supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia

September 1, 2020

MISSION4.0 project is one of 12 projects that are supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia under the Program for Development of Projects in the Field of Artificial Intelligence. In the public call that lasted until 31 January 2020, 70 project teams submitted their project proposals, and only 12 of them successfully […]