Industrial Control System (ICS) represents a common term that relates to different types of control systems which usually include the devices, systems, and networks used to operate and/or automate industrial processes. Today, ICSs are fully
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Manufacturing environments are inherently unstructured and unexpected changes can significantly reduce efficiency and increase overall manufacturing time. Thereupon, the ability of manufacturing entities, such as mobile robots, to adapt to these changes and stochastic processes
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Throughout the years, mobile robotic systems have shown time and time again their irreplaceable role in modern society. Firstly, they were only utilized for research purposes and employed within manufacturing or storage environments. However, nowadays,
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Semantic segmentation represents the process of labeling every pixel in the image with the pixel's class. Therefore, the image is no longer defined with RGB values but with the semantic map when the semantic segmentation
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The MISSION4.0 project team members held a public lecture for M.Sc. students

November 25, 2021

One of the MISSION4.0 project's goals is to enhance students' skills and empower their knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Therefore, the main aim of the public lecture held on Friday the 22th of October, 2021 was to introduce students to new AI techniques utilized within the MISSION4.0 project and present their advantages for solving a […]

7th Student’s Technical Science Congress

April 9, 2021

At the beginning of April, the seventh Students’ Technical Science Congress was held in Ratko Mitrović Congress Center at Zlatibor. The topic of the congress was “Technologies of Modern Engineering” and it was an excellent opportunity to disseminate and present research activities that are an integral part of the MISSION4.0 project. The lecture entitled “Autonomous […]