7th Student’s Technical Science Congress

April 9, 2021

At the beginning of April, the seventh Students’ Technical Science Congress was held in Ratko Mitrović Congress Center at Zlatibor. The topic of the congress was “Technologies of Modern Engineering” and it was an excellent opportunity to disseminate and present research activities that are an integral part of the MISSION4.0 project.

The lecture entitled “Autonomous navigation of flying mobile robot for work at heights – specificity of the prototype configuration, 3D modeling, functional approximation, and reinforcement learning” by the authors Full Professor Dr. Zoran Miljković, Ph.D. student Đorđe Jevtić, and Associate Professor Dr. Jelena Svorcan, attracted the attention of congress participants. The possibilities of applying several AI techniques were presented in the following examples: functional approximation of electric motor operation, prediction of the influence of several variables on the thrust force coefficient, finding the optimal path based on starting and target pose information by using the reinforcement learning approach. Special attention is given to education of the participants and the benefits that the implementation of AI brings. The fact that more than 40 B.Sc. and M.Sc. students actively attended the lecture indicates the topicality of the research itself.

Apart from the above mentioned, the event was also a unique opportunity to exchange valuable ideas and experiences with other lecturers and participants at the congress.